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February 12, 2018

How to Plan for Unpleasant and Unexpected Life Events

Do you have a plan in place in case of an unexpected and catastrophic life event?

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Today, we want to cover a few points on the subject of creating a long-term life plan and setting goals.

As an introduction to this topic, Kris has a story to share. A while back, Kris’ mother approached her with tears in her eyes and a paper in-hand, saying that this paper might be something Kris should share with her friends and clients. 

When Kris looked closer, she realized the paper was a bill from Stanford Hospital for five days of chemo. The amount? $90,000. 

At that time, Kris’ mother was having chemo five days per month for a year. That being said, $1 million truly isn’t as much money as people think. Life happens, and there are some things you can never plan for. Even my father, who was a master planner, had never prepared for this kind of situation.

My mother had cancer for 10 years, and she and my father went through a lot of money out-of-pocket. They, like many people, didn’t fully understand the laws and insurance policies surrounding care for these kinds of illnesses. 

Sometimes, we put way too much emotion into our plans.

This is a very serious, difficult subject. Conversations about long-term life plans aren’t always easy, but over the years I’ve learned how to make it lighter than it could be. 

Every person around you who is important to your life needs to know and understand your plans and goals. How are you going to produce the kind of income you need for a secure future? How will you not spend your estate in a catastrophic situation? 

These days, there are a lot of things that can happen to us at any given moment. So, you need to have a 911 plan.

The fact that these touchy subjects are difficult to think and talk about often prevents us from forming these plans. The honest truth is that, while we don’t want to talk about it, death is a part of life. Sometimes, we put way too much emotion into our plans. 

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